Writing Workshop / Open Mic

Surviving the Mic 2019-20 workshop series

The Surviving the Mic Open Mic is a brave space performance series for survivors of trauma.

The Surviving the Mic Open Mic is open to anyone who identifies as a survivor of sexual harm. We’re open to folks 14 and up.

The Surviving the Mic Open Mic takes place the second Monday of every month, beginning September 9, 2019, from 7-9pm, at the K.L.E.O. Center, located at 119 E. Garfield Blvd.

Anyone of any experience level is invited to share their poetry, music, prose, comedy, or creativity on the open mic. To be considered as a featured performer, please attend one of our open mics first, then email us at survivingthemic@gmail.com.

The Surviving the Mic Open Mic is a brave space, meaning that the audience is expected to listen with compassion and all boundaries must be respected, especially physical. Consent should never be presumed, especially when it comes to touching. It’s better to ask and feel awkward, than touch and trigger.

In terms of triggers, there is no way that people will not be triggered in the space, as folks are sharing stories that they need to tell that might use language or imagery that could be triggering. This article, from CALCASA (the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault), provided us with some insight about triggers. Read here: http://www.calcasa.org/2013/12/talk-talk-trigger-warnings/

We have volunteer first responders that attend every open mic. Nikki Patin, the founder of Surviving the Mic, hosts it every month and she is an Illinois state-certified Crisis Counselor. If you’re interested in being a first responder, please email us at survivingthemic@gmail.com.

We want this to be a space where people can be vulnerable but we also want to care for and respect that vulnerability. The intention is to give space to people speaking poetry to power, telling the truths they need to tell.

We are LGBTQIAA friendly and affirming and accessible to folks who have difficulty navigating stairs or use a wheelchair. For any other accommodations, please contact us at survivingthemic@gmail.com.

Chicago Childcare Collective provides free childcare during the event on an as-needed basis. Please reach out to us at survivingthemic@gmail.com to request childcare and let us know the ages of any children who will attend so that age-appropriate activities can be created and available for them.

Co-sponsored by Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation and the K.L.E.O. Center

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