The Survivors’ Revival

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It’s no secret that gender-based violence often goes unchecked in religious and spiritual spaces. Survivors of this kind of harm in houses of worship, who expected to find community, support, insight, resources, and solace but found violence instead, often don’t want to attend services after such violation.

However, when church is good, it’s really good. There’s much that can be gained from gathering in community with similarly aligned spirits, uplifting each other with story, poetry, song, and insights. Over the years, many of those who’ve witnessed a Surviving the Mic performance have uttered the same sentence: that felt just like church.

So, Surviving the Mic is leaning into that by hosting its own answer to Sunday spiritual services through a monthly, non-denominational, survivor-led spiritual gathering: The Survivors’ Revival. This offering is specifically designed for and by those impacted by gender-based violence.

The Survivors’ Revival will take place on the last Sunday of the month from 12-4pm at The Honeycomb Network, 2659 W. Division Street, Chicago, IL, 60622, beginning Sunday, April 30, 2023.

Each gathering will include the Sunday School Writing Workshop from 12-1pm, the Revival, from 1-3pm, and the Aftercare Party from 3-4pm. The space will feature a community-created ancestor shrine, where those who come can light a candle (tea lights will be provided to participants free of charge, and there will also be speciality candles available for purchase) for their ancestors, leave a picture or special object, or simply take a moment of silence for themselves.

A quarterly cohort of BIPOC, woman-owned businesses will also be present at each event, selling products and services designed for healing and self-care.

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