Surviving the Mic is a methodology developed for and by survivors of sexual harm to provide brave and affirming creative space, with a priority focus on survivors who are historically de-centered, including BIPOC and LGBTQ survivors and survivors navigating disabilities. Surviving the Mic prioritizes writing and performance craft, where survivors learn to amplify their lived experiences through spoken word without being further traumatized. Our mission is to uplift the narratives and artistic excellence of survivor writers and performers through our reading series, survivor-led workshops, publications, toolkits, social media campaigns, public speaking, community engagement and facilitation, exhibitions and touring.

The goals of Surviving the Mic are:

  • to help survivor artists hone their creative voices in order to tell their stories in powerful, impactful and artistic ways
  • to create curricula and toolkits that can be used a model for other communities who’d like to make brave space
  • to support cultural, emotional, physical, mental and economic well-being for survivor artists through brave and affirming performances, workshops, publications and professional practice training and support
  • to provide opportunities for those who are not survivors to listen and learn from survivors


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