Internship Opportunity:

Member Position Title:  Volunteer Motivation Intern | Volunteer Coordinator
Position Start/End Date: flexible
Issue Area: Volunteer management, social work, communications, event planning, nonprofit administration, communications

The Volunteer Motivation Intern will recruit new volunteers and foster relationships with our current volunteer base to support the work of Surviving the Mic. They will develop a system to manage the volunteer/crisis counselor schedule and coordinate to ensure we have 2 volunteers at each monthly open mic to assist the team. They will hold regular check-ins with volunteers and keep the organization aware of what volunteers need to be successful and feel supported. They will be responsible for organizing 2 appreciation events per season and will assist the team in holding orientation and any continuing training for volunteers.

Research Opportunity:

Member Position Title:  Brave Space Best Practices Researcher (practicum position)
Position Start/End Date: flexible
Issue Area: Social justice, inclusivity, trauma-informed care, social work, psychology, sociology, research

The researcher will research best practices for brave/safe spaces in different settings and develop a set of recommendations for fostering safe, trauma-informed spaces. (This will include on-site ethnographic participant observation research as well as reading.) The intern will compile a list of relevant resources and educate the team on their research findings. The intern will develop 1 “brave space” toolkit and 1 set of recommendations for Surviving the Mic. The intern will practice building brave space at our monthly open mic(s) in collaboration with our team.

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